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We cater for a wide range of events and requirements, from a small DJ set up to a full blown outdoor festival, concert and everything inbetween.​

Our experienced team can help with the early planning stages of your event or tour to ensure you get the best advice and a high end product for your project. Being based in the Midlands and with our extensive knowledge of venues, we can also advise on the best approach for your event, concert or tour.

All microphones, di boxes, cables and stands would be included as a complete package along with stage power distribution and Sound Engineer.

Lighting can be as simple as a few LED par cans or as complex as Moving heads and that concert feel. We can tailor this to your needs and include Lighting Engineers too.

Night Show




Our conference & live event service specialises in the logistical management of corporate events.  We understand that your event represents your brand and therefore work closely with your teams to deliver a consistent conference, exhibition or live event. Our experience will help you deliver the messages you want to portray.

We can also supply everything needed for you to broadcast your conference / event virtually with ourselves supplying everything your need from microphone's, camera's to lighting to make your presentation flawless! 

  • Radio mics & lectern mics

  • Mic stands

  • lecterns

  • Speaker systems

  • Stage lighting

  • Lecterns

  • Screens, projectors & tv's

  • Virtual meetings & events

  • Camera's & broadcast 

  • Staging

  • Live streaming

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Outdoor stages are suitable for everything from small town centre events to large festivals.

We can also supply staging for indoor events as well.

Please contact us with you specification to allow us to competitively quote for you.

Stages are ideal for the following:

  • Town Centre Concerts

  • Festivals

  • Corporate Events

  • Sporting Events

  • Firework Displays

  • Christmas Light Turn On



We are experienced in creating and delivering unique product launch events that provide dramatic impact and will leave a long-lasting impression on your clients.

We understand that the success of a product launch event relies on the execution and delivery of the message being projected and with this in mind we offer a variety of exciting and original ways to help you deliver your brief.

Whether it is a launch of an exciting new product or the grand opening of a new store or office complex, we can co-ordinate everything from conception to completion and our creative excellence ensures that your product launch will be stylish, sleek and seamless.

Quorn Events Technical Specification